How To Disable Write Protection from a USB Key

How To Disable Write Protection from a USB Key

Kindly note if your disk is having Bad sector's this will not work,
You have to replace your disk.

Remove write protection from a USB Key

First Method

Watch Below Video. 

Follow below steps
1) Run CMD as administrator
2) Type diskpart.exe
3) Type LIST DISK 
4) Type SELECT DISK and select your pendrive

After this command if Readonly is get clear reconnect your pendrive and it will work proper.
If read only is not getting clear with command, kindly use Low Level formatting tool, even after formatting it does not work then YOUR PENDRIVE IS HAVING BAD SECTOR AND NEED A REPLACEMENT.


Second Method
How to Remove Write Protection on a USB from Registry
When enabled, write protection is a setting that blocks any sort of modification or deletion
of a file on a disc. If you are experiencing an issue when attempting to copy or delete files on
a USB flash drive, there is a very simple solution that will allow you to remove this setting,
Giving you the capability to modify, copy, or delete any files from your USB drive. 

To remove the write protection, simply open your Start menu, and click on Run. Type in regedit and press Enter. This will open the registry editor. 

The next step is to navigate to the following path: 

Double-click the WriteProtect key located in the right side pane and set the value to 0. Go to the Data Value box and press OK:

To finish, simply restart your system, and then reconnect your USB pen drive to the computer.


Third Method

How to Disable USB write protection using the Group Policy

To Disable write protection using Group Policy, do the following:
1.   Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command.

2.   Type gpedit.msc and click OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

3.   Browse the following path:
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Removable Storage Access

4.   On the right side, double-click the Removable Disks: Deny write access policy.

5.   On the top-left, select the Disabled option to deactivate the policy.

6.   Click Apply.

7.   Click OK.

8.   Close the Group Policy editor.

9.   Restart your computer to complete the task.


Fourth Method

Download Formatter Silicon Power and format your Pendrive.
Kindly note after trying all above methods use this software to format your pendrive.


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  1. Method 1: Didn't work
    Method 2: Didn't work
    Method 3: No such program found
    Method 4: Got error when formatting, now the USB drive cannot be opened at all

  2. my goodness ,.. nothing worked ,.. T_T

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  4. Nothing work, have wasted 2 hours on yt searching for a solution.

  5. 4th method working fine,my usb is now working fine and remove error write protected

  6. How would i just go by turning one of those sandisk cruzer 2gb u3 smart usb things into a storage device? when i pop it in it pops up 2 drive displays and i cant format it through cmd or normally it shows up empty but i'm able to go into it ans getto the file at least.
    is there a way?

  7. sir any method that can be internet i would be use but my memory card was not formeted what would i do ?
    my memory card is write protected

  8. As everyone said above nothing worked

  9. 4th method worked thanks

  10. all methods don't work. I have a 16gb sandisk. 1 directory shows read-only and I cannot change it.


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